Sunday, January 6, 2013

Jacob's first Christmas

Christmas came and went without a single blog from me. Wow!!! Josh, Jacob and I have all been sick, so we've been laying pretty low trying to recover. Thankfully, I think I'm finally 100%.

Lets see...Christmas Eve, we traveled to Cleburne (Josh's hometown) to celebrate his G-ma's birthday and Christmas with his mom, sister and her husband. Aside from Josh puking his guts out (eww), it was a great visit. Jacob spent most of his time licking and eating the wrapping paper, and I spent most of my time wrestling it out of his mouth. Haha!

We had my parents, my sister and her fiancé, and Josh's dad over Christmas Day and we had a fun time! Jacob got so many presents, we had to break it up into 2 opening sessions so he could nap. We decided to nix the big traditional Christmas dinner this year, and opted for a pizza dinner. Josh's dream come true! It was ok. Jacob's big present was a red wagon from my parents. Unfortunately its been so cold out, we haven't really gotten to use it, but we do cruise around the house.

And, to top everything off - it snowed for like 4 hours on Christmas! Jacob's first Christmas was white! How perfect!! I honestly don't think I've ever witnessed a white Christmas in Texas.  We took him out a couple times to check it out; he seemed indifferent.

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