Sunday, January 6, 2013

Jacob - 7 months

Age: 7 months
Milestones: Jacob is a rolling fool these days! Its crazy how all of the sudden, out of the blue, he just started rolling all over the place!  He gets on his belly and army crawls backwards...he hasn't figured out how to go forward yet.  He's started making farting noises with his mouth, I know that's not what he's trying to do, but its the best way to describe it. :)
Sleep: After being sick, he's not been sleeping quite as well as he had been. We're currently going through another round of sleep training though.
Eating: He's still mostly breastfed.  He loooves breakfast of either pears or apples and oatmeal, but he haaates dinner of vegetables.  That's our current battle.
Clothes size: 9 and 12 month, but I think we're about to move to 12 month exclusively soon (mama needs to go shopping first).
Diaper size: Size 4
Best Moment: Watching his eyes light up when we opened all his presents on Christmas.  He got so excited about everything, especially the wrapping paper and bows!
Worst Moment: When he got sick.  I was a nervous wreck, especially when his temperature got so high, and I felt like I didn't know what to do!
Favorite toy: All his new Christmas toys have kept him super busy lately! He seems to really love his shape sorter, stacking rings, remote and I just got him a walker that he loves.
Teeth: No teeth, and no teething!
Looking forward to: His baptism on January 13. Can't wait!

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