Friday, October 5, 2012

Jacob - 4 months

Age: 4 months
Height: 25.75"
Weight: 18lbs 14oz
Milestones: Jacob has mastered the head hold, he sits up unassisted for short periods of times and has recently found his feet.  He's still trying to figure out how to reach his feet, so its really cute to watch!  He spends a few minutes each day in his jumperoo, he really only likes the lights/music part of it so far, and he hasn't really figured out how to jump in it yet.  He still loves his playmat and Bumbo.
Sleep: Jacob is still a terrible sleeper - he wakes atleast a handful of times each night and eats 2-3 times each night, depending how things go.  We're currently in the process of weaning him of the swaddle, so that's been a real beat down.  He's still napping in his crib too.
Eating: Jacob continues to eat like a champ! He eats every 2.5-3 hours during the day and he's still exclusively breastfed.
Clothes size: 6 month onesies and 9 month pants
Diaper size: Size 3
Best Moment: Seeing his excitement when we put him in the big boy stroller was super fun!  And he's started belly laughing, so its always fun to see what will get him chuckling.
Worst Moment: Ohhh...mostly the nights :)
Teeth: No teeth!
Looking forward to: Starting solids!  We got the go-ahead today from our pedi to start solids, so we'll give him oatmeal for the first time in the morning.  I can't wait to see his face!  Once he's mastered the oatmeal, we'll move onto vegetables and then fruits.  I plan on making all his baby food, so I will be making lots of baby food this weekend! Yay! :)

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