Monday, September 7, 2009

happy ♥ b-day

We spent the 3-day labor day weekend in Austin, celebrating my parents' birthdays. My dad's b-day is September 2nd and my mom's is the 9th, so we typically celebrate the weekend between the two. I have to point out though, that they are 1 week and 1 year apart - my always makes sure people know that. We had a wonderful dinner at Fonda San Miguel, which has now been added to "Restaurants We Love" because this place was amazing! It's interior Mexican food, so it's not your typical tex-mex - but boy is it delicious! Good margaritas, too!

We went to Lake Travis on Sunday, and walked ON the lake - literally. The lake is 50 feet below normal, so we were able to walk around on land that is typically under 50 feet of water. Pretty impressive! We found arrow heads, and other cool artifacts - no dinosaur foot prints though. :)

Today, Monday, we left our adorable dogs at my parents' house because were going to Omaha on Friday for the weekend. I already miss them SO much - the house is so quiet, and I'm almost bored! But next weekend should be fun. We're going to the Arkansas State (Josh's Alma Mater) v. Nebraska game in Lincoln, and staying with Josh's Aunt & Uncle in Ashton.

Anyways, we had a great weekend, and are happy for a 3-day work week!

Love - Kate

the cutest babies ever

my awesome parents

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