Sunday, April 12, 2009

blessed weekend

This weekend has been so relaxing and very productive at the same time (never thought that could happen)...

Josh and I both had Friday off, and boy was it a Good Friday! We slept-in until about 10:30 which is a huge accomplishment because we usually can't sleep in past 8am (mostly due to a licky dog). After tinkering around the house for awhile, we dropped Maverick off at PetSmart for a haircut, and swung by the AT&T store. I have just about had it with cell phone companies. I have been with AT&T since I first got my cell phone like 10 years ago, so I find it really hard to believe that they can't cancel my # on my parents' account and let me sign up on my husband's account AND get an iphone AND a data plan...I mean, its a win-win situation for them. UGH. So now, I have to wait another 8 months to get my iphone. By then, I'm going to be so over AT&T and their bs that I'll switch to Verizon!!! After sitting at the AT&T store for over an hour, we went to Garden Ridge (loves it), Calloway's Nursery and Home Depot.

Finally! We're home with a backyard full of plants! We finally dug a trench and buried the border for our flower bed, and laid a bunch of mulch around the crate myrtles and irises.

Saturday we spent the day planting all the awesome plants (Sea Thunder Plantation & Asianic Lillies), trimming the 20 bushes in the front yard, mowing & edging. Let's just say, we were both sun burned and exhausted by the end of the day.

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