Monday, April 6, 2009

another fabulous softball weekend

This weekend, we got to go to Austin!! Iowa State was playing UT, so we got to watch my sister play AND visit with friends and family! Traffic and crowds were crazy downtown because of Texas Relays, UrbanFest 2009, a skateboarding event and a UT football spring training game (and UT softball, of course)...all downtown around campus...but we still had an amazing weekend!

We had a yummy dinner at Kona Grill at the Domain on Friday night with my 2 bestfriends. Josh tried his first sushi (California roll) and he actually didn't spit it out or throw-up! Can we talk about this for a second? Josh is one of the healthiest people I know - he runs ALL the time, takes 2165123 vitamins everyday, drinks lots of H2O and visits the doctor regularly - but for some reason the boy won't eat a vegetable to save his life. He claims its because his parents force-fed him greenery as a child. Seriously, who's parents DIDN'T?? I just don't understand what tastes so bad about broccoli or zucchini? Of course, I could probably be a vegetarian...if it wasn't for my deep love of steak (and chicken)...oh well...I guess I'll just continue to make Josh take baby-steps towards veggies (you like that?).

Saturday was gorgeous; not a cloud in the sky and temps in the low 80s. Josh got a pretty bad sunburn on both knees and his face (such a ginger). ISU lost in extra innings, but it was a really great game and my sister had some awesome plays. After the game, we ran over to Josh's grandma's house who lives around the corner from my parents. All of his aunts/uncles and his dad were in town visiting with grandma, so we decided to swing by and visit for a little bit. Its always great seeing family, especially people we don't get to see that often! After family-time we ordered pizza, took showers and watched the Final Four while sipping the finest boxed wine Austin has to offer.

Sunday was a little different story; the winds were blowing 30 WPM and the temps were in the mid-50s...totally brutal when not prepared. Needless to say, we were ready for THAT game to be over! After the game, we hit up the UT co-op and got some awesome gear and headed back to Plano.

All in all, it was an awesome weekend and I'm really anxious to get back to Austin to see and do everything we missed this time. On the top of our list: my other bf Ashley and Juan in a Million.

tailgating before the first game with my dad

Josh and I during the first game

with my mom and sister after the first game

Josh and I after the second game
after the second game with my sister and mom

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