Sunday, December 21, 2008

'Tis the Season

Thought I'd drop in to say hi, Merry Christmas, & update everyone on what's going on with us. We suddenly find ourselves 4 days from Christmas! Aahhhh! Kate & I went out to finish our shopping, & received a beat down of epic proportion. The traffic & crowds out yesterday in the Stonebriar area SUCKED! I kept thinking...."what recession?!?". There were so many people out & the lines at the check-out counters were so long, there's no way this area can be hurting. It was a huge relief to finally get home.

So we're under contract for the Hearthstone house, mentioned in a previous post. It's exactly what we're looking for & it was a relief to have the inspection & find out that there's nothing wrong with it, other than a few minor cosmetic things. We're looking at closing on Jan. 29, so stay tuned. As long as everything works out & we end up in this house as planned, we're thinking we'll stay at home next Thanksgiving & maybe Christmas, & invite any of our fam who want to come. This would save on the mental anguish holiday travel & traffic causes. But for this year we'll be making stops in Cleburne, Ft. Worth, & Austin, before returning home for a week off from work.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


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