Sunday, December 7, 2008

House Hunters: Plano

Helo valued reader. It's the Christmas season, & man have we been busy! We went to Austin for Thanksgiving, enduring the beating that is driving down I35 to spend time with Kate's fam & my Austin fam. We did the Turkey trot to work up a good appetite, & had a good time with everyone. We also got some good shopping in.

Right before Thanksgiving we initiated our home search with a visit to two houses for sale. Neither of us fell in love with either house, but we kept looking & today we wen out & looked at 7 more. I'd say 3 were livable, the other 4 were horrendous (much better looking from the pictures online). And of the 3 good ones, there's one we really like. We'll call it the Hearthstone House. Get this.....while we're there some other, older couple show up with their realtor to look at the house. WTF?!?! Nothing like a little competition to give us some anxiety. It's our luck that we find one house we could get serious about, & a retired couple could potentially be a problem for us. But we're trying to not get ahead of ourselves & just control what we can control. If it works out, we'll visit the house again next weekend & then....maybe.....possibly.......make an offer. It has everything we're looking for & is in our budget. But a lot could happen & I have to keep in mind that we might not get it, so all I can say is, we'll see how it goes.

Keep your fingers crossed for us, please. We have Christmas coming up in a few weeks & some much deserved time off from work! Who knows what the weeks ahead have in store for us with house hunting. We have a target in sight, but will we get an opportunity for a shot???


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