Sunday, May 17, 2009

Decisions, decisions......

Life is full of decisions everyday. Some big, some small. Some individual decisions, some group decisions, some family decisions, some ground braking decisions. White bread or wheat? Get out of bed or snooze a little longer? Take this job or take that job? Buy this house or that house? Book a vacation or spend money elsewhere (the bought house)? It's crazy to look back & see what results came out of certain decisions. I guess the best guide to follow when making a decision is to follow what is important to you, what are you comfortable with, & what makes you happy.

Being a married man now, I am faced with decisions all the time, & try to keep in mind what is best in the long run for my family. Sometimes, I'm reminded by my lovely wife that its good to live a little once in a while. We're trying to decide now on several items: furniture for the house, outdoor items for the house, proper monthly savings, & vacations. Kate & I both feel it is important to travel & see different parts of the world we'd like to see, take some time off from work to relax, & spend a little quality time together without outside emails, phone calls, or anything else invading out time together. It really is great to be together somewhere far away from everything/everyone else, to just relax & enjoy being together. So with all that said, we're faced with the ecision to take a vacation this summer to a Mexican beach, or to spend that $$$ on some stuff for the house. This should be decided in the very near future.

So on to other topics & goings on. Life is going great. Summer is getting closer & the weather is really warming up. I just downloaded music on an Ipod Shuffle Kate got me & it's awesome. We got an inflatable pool for the backyard. Thinking about getting another dog. Carrie (Kate's younger sister) is coming to stay with us for the coming week & that should give our home a shot in the arm of youth. Should be a lot of fun hanging out & showing her around our area. So that's about it. Just wanted to check in with everyone & catch you up on some things. Take care, have a wonderful day!


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