Saturday, February 7, 2009

Experts in paint

We really apologize for not posting in a month. It's been a busy time for us, with the house closing on Jan. 19 & painting since then. Closing went very smoothly. You hear all these horor stories about other people's bad experiences in closing, but I must say ours went fast & effortlessly. I'll admit we had our stuff together, stayed on top of everything, & were very attractive borrowers to lenders,so it all worked out great & now we own a house.

So now we're working on painting some of the walls we wanted to change in color, & Kate's dad wil be up in the middle of the month to do tile in our kitchen & bathrooms. I've made more trips to Home Depot in the past week than I have the restof my life. But it's cool. I walk down the isles & see all these things we could get to customize our house, & I just have to remember we're going to be there for a long time & there's no need to rush too everything at once. I also have toremind Kate about this too because her mind is full of ideas, but she's great about keeping a budget in mind too.

With all this painting we're gaining some knowledge & becoming some kind of experts. However, I will quickly admit I was very frustrated & had a momentarybreakdown when priming the kitchen wainscotting (sp?) & where wallpaper once was, & that area might need professional help. Yikes. But we overcame that & onward we march!

Once we get settled in we'll surely have a baller party with a high end guest list, champagne poppin', & photo rights sold to Us weekly. Puff Daddy & Tony Romo have already RSVP'd, so be sure to make it whenever it's announced. The guest list will be enforced by security, & please leave your heat at home.

See ya!


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