Monday, July 7, 2008

Told ya so......

We usually take a week or two between posts in order to allow our fans to completely take each post in, digest it, take a nap, & then come back for more. But every now & then there's an event that is so big, so life-changing, & so amazing that it simply must be discussed. Tonight we had such an event: DeAnna chose Jesse. On top of all that.....I called it.

Yes that's right ladies & gentlemen, I saw it coming a mile away & correctly predicted she'd choose humble, funny, athletic, down-to-earth Snowboard Jesse. The look in her eyes & the way she acted around him said it all. Now I hear all you ladies out there, crying & complaining about her choosing Jesse over Jason. Sure, Jason's a nice guy, but as someone close to me would say, "He needs to wash his hair". Also, let's not overlook the fact that Jason is from Seattle & hyped up on caffine. Just sayin'. All he did was say the "perfect lines" & act the way he was supposed to act, & to me, came off not genuine. My guess is DeAnna saw right thru this too. I hear ya D, I do. Jason was a flake, Jesse is the real prize, & you chose the right one. He makes her laugh & he's not afraid to be himself.

So to all you ladies out there scouring the medicine cabinet for sleeping pills or antidepresents, fear not, because afterall.....they're never really gonna get married & a new season will be on in a few short weeks. Gotta love those ABC producers. Until next time, GO JESSE!!!


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